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Hello, and welcome to HGH 10X. I have set up this website to provide real HGH Supplement reviews + test results after using some of the Best HGH Supplements being sold online.

After many months of research, I decided to order 3 different brands. GenF20 Plus, GenFX and also Provacyl which is a supplement which has been designed for men only.

The reasons for testing out these supplements was to combat my own aging process. I had read that HGH supplementation was good for anti-aging but because there were so many different brands being sold online that I didn’t know where to start.

After many months of research and reading reviews online the names of 3 supplements kept coming up time and time again.

I wanted to find out if they worked as well as they claim to so I tested them all and now have set up this website to reveal the truth to the world.


HGH Supplements – Do They Live Up To The Claims?

Here is a small intro to each of the HGH supplements that I bought and tested. I will also talk about the reasons why decided to use the ones I did and also you will find links through to my full reviews and results pages where I compare my results with the claims made by the manufacturers.

GenF20 Plus – Claims To Be The #1 HGH Releaser For Anti-Aging 


The first supplement I tested was called GenF20 Plus. It claims to be the #1 HGH Supplement for Anti-Aging.

GenF20 Plus comes as a spray and pills combo. You can use either one on its own but I read that it’s best to use both together so I ordered a 3 months supply which included 3 packs of the GenF20 HGH supplement and also 3 bottles of the HGH releaser spray.

GenF20 Plus has the biggest claims out of the 3 HGH supplements that I tested. You can check out the full list of claims and discover if those claims are actually true by clicking on the link below.

More Info: Genf20 Plus Review – Does It Live Up To The Claims?

Provacyl – Claims To Be a Powerful HGH + Testosterone Booster For Men 


The final supplement that I tested was a supplement for men only and it was called Provacyl.

Provacyl claims to be an HGH and testosterone booster that has been designed for men only.

Being a man myself, the idea of this supplement really appealed to me and I had to add it to my list of supplements to try out.

I was also impressed by the ingredients list as I had used some of the ingredients before with excellent results.

Provacyl claims to naturally increase HGH and testosterone levels in men and it has been created for guys who are actively showing signs of the Andropause (Male Menopause)

Again, I used Provacyl for 3 months and took a 1-month break after using GenFX before I started using Provacyl.

You can check out my full review and results by clicking on the link below. You can check out my video review, results and also discover how Provacyl compares to the claims made by the manufacturer.

More Info: Provacyl Review – Does It Live Up To The Claims?

GenFX – Claims To Be an Effective HGH Supplement 


The next supplement that I tested was called GenFX. I took a 1-month break after using GenF20 to make sure all the ingredients had left my system before I started testing GenFX.

I did this to make sure my results were not affected by the previous supplement still being active in my body.

GenFX also claims to be an HGH releaser and it makes less outrageous claims that Genf20 Plus does.

It does claim to help combat aging, increase energy, improve muscle tone boost sex drive and increase confidence.

Lots of websites kept recommending GenFX as a good alternative to GenF20 and I wanted to see if this was actually true.

You can check out my full GenFX review and results by clicking on the link below. I will also reveal if each of the claims made by the manufacturer are real or not based on my results.

More Info: GenFX Review – Does It Live Up To The Claims?

I do hope that you benefit from my testing and research and if you have any questions please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

You can contact me through the contact page on this website and I will aim to reply as fast as possible.